A Unique Form of Communication

Communication is mandatory to any successful management structure. RMC Constructor’s cohesive structure involves key professionals throughout the life of the project. From the job's formative stages through construction, RMC dedicates a project team leader to act as a single point of contact between all team members. Under our system, communication is prioritized and centralized and information flows freely between the general contractor, subcontractors and our client.

During the pre-construction phase RMC utilizes Microsoft Project Manager to provide a comprehensive schedule for the construction phase. This document provides the basis for all labor, equipment, materials, and subcontractors’ time line. As the project progresses, the schedule communicates vital information to all team members, managers, subcontractors and clients, thereby preventing delays. A very strict adherence to the schedule that can be visibly seen and easily communicated to all parties involved, eliminating delays that can occur from miscommunication.

During the Construction phase RMC takes communication to the next level using SiteplanCAM technology. SiteplanCAM offers weekly pictorial updates on the progress of a project. Key members of the project can receive updates via email or on their smart phones. Pictures are available on the web and viewable using a secure ID and password. This allows detailed viewing of archived pictures from every stage of construction. This technology not only allows all parties involved to document progress, it has become an invaluable tool for clarification and documentation of as-built conditions.

For more up-to-date pictorial progress reports, RMC can install a real-time web cam that is accessed via the same secure log-on.

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