Safety Program

It is the policy of RMC Constructors to abide by all Federal and State safety laws. We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for all employees and subcontractors. To enforce safety, our on-site project manager takes all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of all project employees including those of the subcontractors and owners alike.

Our corporate safety officer appoints a job safety officer to each project. The job safety officer enforces strict adherence to the established safety procedures for all workers and visitors to the project site.

The job safety officers perform the following duties:

  • Ensure that a current copy of the RMC Constructors “Illness and Injury Prevention Program” is on file in the jobsite office.


  • Ensure that a current copy of the project's MSDS (Material, Safety Data Sheets) record is complete and on file in the jobsite office.


  • Ensure that all employees are properly trained to preform their assigned tasks.


  • Ensure that all personnel are provided with proper safety equipment and apparel.


  • Monitor conformance with RMC's “Safety Incentive Program” and issue achievement awards accordingly.


  • Conduct weekly safety meetings and enforces mandatory attendance for all project employees.


  • Observe daily operations for safe procedures. 


  • Take immediate action to correct any observed or reports unsafe conditions, procedures, or acts that are in violation of our company safety policy.


Unsafe conditions observed by RMC's staff or its subcontractors shall be reported to the subcontractor (or RMC if applicable) and a written report filed at the project with a copy to the corporate safety officer.

All RMC project managers and job safety officers are certified in First Aid and CPR. All first aid kits are stocked and accessible at all times during the course of construction. RMC utilizes an outside service company to maintain all first aid kits to comply with specific project requirements.

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