Cal Roberts

President, CEO and Co-Founder.

Since co-founding RMC Constructors in 1983, Mr. Roberts has guided the company through consistent and planned growth. Our success is based on RMC’s commitment to identifying client specific project needs and satisfying those needs in a timely manner. Cal's leadership in developing a team approach to all of RMC’s projects has aligned the company with the most committed, knowledgeable, and experienced managers and subcontractors in the industry.

M. Peg Alvarez

Senior Vice President

As the most Senior Vice President, Ms. Alvarez manages the daily operations of RMC business functions, overseeing Preconstruction, Estimating, Accounting, Administration and Field Operations. She provides direction, coordination and daily operational control to each department supervisor. Ms. Alvarez joined RMC Constructors in February 1991, quickly establishing a presence that provides a singular point interface to assure complete compliance with the contract documents and insuring the client’s intent is met.

Heather Roberts-Short

Vice President/Corporate Affairs

Since joining RMC in 1989, Ms. Roberts-Short has had a myriad of roles. As Vice President for Corporate Affairs, she is responsible for communications, strategic planning, public affairs management, and sustainability standards. Ms. Roberts-Short works closely with the CEO to maintain relationships with key leaders. Additionally, Heather serves on the company’s ethics, and philanthropy committees as well as RMC Constructors Board of Directors.

 Ryan   Cordes

Director of Pre-Construction

    Jim    Collins

VP of Construction Operations

 Derek  Snook

Director of Operations space