Every project has a beginning. Once the project reaches the stage where construction is about to commence, RMC Constructors has a set of initial procedures that are followed to eliminate any unforeseen events that could cause delays.

We meet with local municipality officials to establish code-compliant inspection schedules and determine if we must implement special procedures to meet deadlines.

RMC understands that new construction always has an impact on the community.

To mitigate any potential concerns, RMC will analyze and discuss the impact of the project with neighboring commercial or residential communities. Assembling town hall venues have been successful in the past to ensure understanding and excitement of moving forward as a community.

RMC additionally conducts a Pre-Construction Conference with all subcontractors and vendors to orient all team members with the project's schedule and goals.

During the course of construction there are a number of procedures that RMC deem mandatory regardless of the scope or type of build. The schedule and adherence to these procedures are established during the pre-construction phase and monitored and enforced by RMC during the construction phase.